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    Route 1 Mui Wo To  Tai O

Monday to Saturday except Public Holidays

                 Mui Wo to Tai o    

6:00am, 6:35am, 7:15am, 7:50am, 8:20am, 9;00am, 9:45am,10:30am,11:30am,12:30pm,1:30pm,1:50pm, 2:30pm, 3:05pm, 3;30pm, 3:50pm, 4:30pm, 5:00pm, 5:30pm, 5:50pm, 6:40pm, 7:40pm, 8:10pm, 9:00pm, 9:30pm, 10:15pm, 11:25pm, 0:10am, 1:10am,

                Tai O to Mui W

         5:00am,5:30am,6:00am,6:50am,7:01am,7:30am,7:50am,8:30am,9:10am,9:50am,10:35am,11:10am, 11:50am, 12:30pm, 1:00pm, 1:50pm, 2:30pm, 3:20pm, 3:55pm, 4:30pm, 5:10pm, 5:50pm, 6:35pm, 7;35pm, 8:30pm, 9:25pm, 10:30pm, 11:20pm, 0:20am

Sunday and Public Holidays

                Mui Wo to Tai O  

6,30am, 7,17am, 8,00am, 8,40am, 9,10am, 9,30am, 10,00am, 10,20am, 11,00am, 11,30am, 12,00am, 12,40pm, 1.20pm, 2,00pm, 2,20pm, 3,00pm, 3,30pm, 4,00pm, 4,20pm, 5,00pm, 5,30pm, 6,00pm, 6,20pm, 7,00pm, 8,00pm, 8,20pm, 9,00pm, 9,55pm, 10,20pm, 11,00pm, 11,55pm, 0,20am, 1,10am,

                Tai O to Mui Wo

5,30am, 6,05am, 6,40am, 7,00am, 7,40am, 8,15am, 9,00am, 9,40am, 10,20am, 11,00am, 11,40am, 12,20pm, 1,40pm, 2,20pm, 2,20pm, 3,00pm, 3,30pm, 4,00pm, 4,25pm, 4,50pm, 5,20pm, 5,50pm, 6,25pm, 7,10pm, 7,50pm, 8,25pm, 9,05pm, 9,55pm, 10,40pm, 11,20pm, 0,10am, 0,20am,

Route 2  Mui Wo to Nong Ping

Monday to Saturday(except public holidays

Mui Wo to Ngong Ping

8,00am, 10,30am, 11,30am, 11,50am, 12,30pm, 13,30pm, 13,50pm, 14,30pm, 15,25pm, 15,50pm, 16,30pm,

Ngong to Mui Wo

12.10pm, 12,55pm, 13,55pm, 14,15pm, 14,50pm, 15,25pm, 10,05pm, 16,45pm, 17,25pm, 18,20pm,

Sundays and Public Holidays

Mui Wo to Ngong Ping

8,00am, 8,40am, 9,10am, 10,05am, 10,30am, 11,00am, 11,30am, 12,00am, 12,40pm, 13,00pm, 13,30pm, 14,00pm, 14,30pm, 15,00pm, 15,55pm, 16,15pm, 17,00pm, 17,55pm,

Ngong Ping to Mui Wo

7,05am, 8,05am, 8,45am, 9,30am, 10,10am, 10,50am, 11,20am, 12,00am, 12,30pm, 13,00pm, 14,00pm, 14,30pm, 15,00pm, 15,30pm, 16,00pm, 16,30pm, 17,05pm, 17,30pm, 18,05pm, 18,45pm,

Route 3    Mui Wo to Tung Chung

Mondays to Saturdays ( Except Public Holidays)

Mui Wo to Tung Chung

6,00am, 6,20am, 6,40am, 6,55am, 7,05, 7,10am, 7,20am, 7,40am, 7,55am, 8,15am, 8,40am, 9,10am, 9,40am, 10,15am, 10,50am, 12,00am, 12,20pm, 12,50pm, 13,10pm, 13,40pm, 14,10pm, 14,50pm, 15,20pm,16,30pm, 16,50pm, 17,00pm, 17,30pm, 18,10pm, 18,30pm, 19,00pm, 19,40,pm, 20,10pm, 20,50pm, 21,20pm, 22,20pm, 23,00pm, 23,40pm,

Tung Chung to Mui Wo

6.00am, 7,00am, 7,25am, 7,35am, 7,50am, 8,15am, 8,35am, 9,05am, 9,30am, 10,00am, 10,30am, 11,05am, 11,40am, 12,10pm, 12,50pm, 13,20pm, 14,00pm, 14,30pm, 15,10pm, 15,40pm, 16,10pm, 16,30pm, 17,00pm, 17,30pm, 18,00pm, 18,20pm, 18,50pm, 19,10pm, 19,30pm, 20,00pm, 20,30pm, 21,00pm, 21,40pm, 22,10pm, 22,50pm, 23,20pm, 0,15am, 0,50am,

Sundays and public holidays 

Mui Wo to Tung Chung

6,20am, 6,50am, 7,15am, 8,05am, 8,35am, 9,05am, 9,35am, 10,10am, 11,15am,12,00am, 12,15pm, 12,30pm, 12,50pm, 13,10pm, 13,30pm, 14,10pm,14,30pm, 14,50pm,15,10pm, 15,30pm, 15,50pm, 16,10pm, 16,30pm, 17,05pm, 17,40pm, 18,00pm,18,20pm, 18,40pm, 19,00pm, 19,20pm, 19,40pm, 20,10pm, 20,30pm, 21,00pm, 21,30pm, 22,20pm, 23.05pm, 23,54pm,


6,00am, 7,00am, 7,40am, 8,05am, 8,30am, 9,05am, 9,25am, 9,45am, 10,05am, 10,25am, 10,50am, 11,10am, 11,30am, 11,50am, 12,10pm,12,30pm,12,50pm, 13,10pm, 13,30pm, 13,50pm, 14,10pm, 14,30pm, 14,50pm, 15,10pm, 15,30pm, 15,50pm, 16,10pm, 16,30pm, 17,5pm, 17,35pm, 18,05pm, 18,30pm, 19.05pm, 19,35pm, 20,05pm, 20,35pm, 21,05pm, 21,40pm, 22,15pm, 22,50pm, 23,20pm, 0,15am, 0,50am,

Route 4    Mui Wo to Tong Fuk

Monday to Saturday except Public Holidays

From          Mui Wo     7:05am, 7:50am, 9:30am,13:30pm,14:30pm,15:30pm,14:30pm, 15:30pm, 16;30pm,17:30pm,

From          Tong Fuk   6:30am ,7:30am, 8:30am,15:10pm,17:00pm

Sunday and Public Holidays

Tong Fuk to Mui Wo

From      Mui Wo      9:05am,10:05am,11:05am,12:00pm,12:20pm,12:40pm,13:30pm,14:00pm,15:00pm,16:00pm,18:00pm

From     Tong Fuk    16:30pm
7:30am, 9:30am ,10:30am ,11:30am ,12:25pm ,12:50pm,13:10pm,13:50pm,14:30pm,15:30pm,18:30pm

All services run by New lantau Bus Company

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